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Compression versus Attraction

Robert A. Kerr
Year: 2007
Keywords: Compression, Attraction
Earth's Atmospheric Structure challenges the validity of gravitational attraction as a function of molecular mass. Electromagnetic radiation spatial frequency harmonics do not comply with BIG BANG or currant theories of spatial structure. No logically conceivable explanations have been offered. Since molecular density varies at every altitude, the isobaric altitude structure of Earth's atmospheric field can only be explained by a radially acting inward compression. This paper presents a logically conceivable explanation consistent with fluid dynamics and available data. The critical keys to the puzzle are: Planck's Energy (E = hf), DeBroglies Equation (hf = mv2), the agreement of Quantum Mechanics with Ideal Gas Law and addition of particulate density to Einstein's Energy Equation (E = nmv2) when applied to a gaseous fluid. The unlocking solution is that n = f! Planck's Constant (h) is revealed as the kinetic energy of a photon. Photon mass is h divided by the local velocity of light squared. h adds mass to the Quantum Equations for Dynamic Attributes. Photon energy is transmitted by impulse (Momentum). Photon pressure is impulse per unit area (Energy). Photon volumetric confinement is pressure per unit volume (Spin magnitude). Quantum Mechanics utilizes waveforms to simulate the actual fluid mechanics. Hence it produces correct answers without conception of the actual dynamics. Spatial fluid pressure is exerted by photons. It is quantitated by absolute temperature. Temperature is the reciprocal of the coefficient of volumetric thermal expansion. Spatial mass concentrations are regenerative because they interfere with and radially organize random particle energy. Spatial fluid mass concentrations are the source of Thermodynamic Entropy. Accumulation of mass reduces available surface area within the mass concentration which initiates electromagnetic radiation emission.