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About Physical Interaction of Mechanical Nature: Science Needs Protection from the Quantum-Relativistic Sect, Usurping Power from the World Scientific Society

Vladislav B. Cherepennikov
Year: 2007
Keywords: Medium, Interaction, Syndicate
This research represents an analytical decision for the classical model of two spherical material objects radiating and absorbing material particle fluxes. The decision allows us to explain scientists-classics prediction, despite Einstein's negations, about materialistic nature of physical interactions. In the case of large distance between material objects and relatively low movement velocity of the interacting objects with radiated particles, the derived equations for electrical and gravity interactions come to Newton and Coulomb equations. According to the Michelson-Morley experimental results, light phenomena have a corpuscular nature. Dialectical analysis of available astronomical observations, including those of Hubble, Zwicky, Yaakkola, and other scientists, reveals a cyclic evolution sequence of development of material objects in the Universe. Thought experiments, given in the research, show the incapability of Einstein's statements concerning time dilation and length contraction in moving inertial reference systems. Attempts to conceal the fact of incapacity of quantum-relativistic notions and persecution of scientists by official Science representatives because of dissence is an evidence of usurping power from world scientific society by a ?sect? group that has nothing to do with fundamental Science. According to the aforesaid, let us make a conclusion concerning the necessity of International non-governmental scientific organization, authoritative and self-financing, to unite the efforts of scientists struggling against Science obscurantism, and find the exit from the provoked crisis in Natural History and Philosophy. It is time for us to show our civic courage and call things by their proper names. We should bring to the ?high and mighty', and to the public masses, the seriousness of the crisis in Natural History and its grave consequences for the fortunes of civilizations on Earth.