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Internal Energy and the Dynamics of Quantum Particles - Part I: Theory

Dan Brasoveanu
Year: 2007
Keywords: Particles, Structure, Energy
Quantum mechanics (QM) is based on the assumption that particles such as electrons and protons are ?elementary'. This assumption has been invalidated by experimental work - scattering experiments have proved that ?elementary' particles are actually complex structures. Due to deformation, such structures accumulate internal energy, which cannot be neglected. Correctly applied i.e, without neglecting the internal energy, classical physics provides a deterministic and unitary description of virtually all non-relativistic phenomena regardless of scale, including the quantization of electromagnetic emissions, the double slit experiment, the tunneling effect, radioactivity and the discrete levels of atomic energy.

This paper is aka "Internal Energy and the Dynamics of Quantum Particles: Classical Model", republished in Galilean Electrodynamics, V19, N1, pp. 3-9 (2008).