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A Heuristic Paper on the Nature of Mass

Robert F. Beck
Year: 2007 Pages: 42
Keywords: Spin, Mass, Gyroscope, Antigravity, Non-Human Technology
This paper restates the thought experiments that led me to conclude the fundamental initial dependence of mass upon spin (simple rotation of elementary particles) that led to my conclusions regarding the gyroscopic structure of particles that imparts measurable mass (as set out in The Special Theory of Reality as submitted to NPA, Tulsa 2006), and goes on to examine the experimental and observational evidence for this conclusion, including new evidence that has come to my attention since the Tulsa conference. Such evidence is, in part, highly controversial, even to the extent of implying the corruption of the scientific process, and also introduces new concepts to the scope of observational evidence that are defended as appropriate in the ultimate goal of truth, in what may be the most significant realization in the history of science (alien presence, and long-term application of anti-gravity technology on the planet). The fundamental conclusion implies polarity in the inertial effect of spin that was clearly demonstrated by Professor Eric laithwaite, in what may have become one of the most shameful episodes in modern science. I suggest that this explains the motion of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos that thus may form the basis of particle, field and radiation structure, which also may explain the fundamental nature of quantum mechanics, general relativity and string theory. Precisely what Einstein was intending to convey about gravitational fields is analysed, with several quotes, with the clear conclusion that he envisaged more than one type of field. I also cite the experiments of the late Dr. Bruce DePalma and others with gyros and spinning balls (that imply inertial effects of spin) but which need to be repeated in improved form.