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Origin of Inertial Mass

David L. Bergman
Year: 1999 Pages: 7
Keywords: Electrodynamics, Inertia, Charged ring model
Bergman succeeded in showing that inertia is not an intrinsic property of matter in the sense of inertial mechanics and that the so-called inertial forces are real forces. His argument is not based on a conception analysis of axioms of classical mechanics but on a quasi-electrodynamic mechanism for moving charged particles which he showed to be the cause for the inertial effect. The quantity of inertial force depends upon velocity and acceleration. Bergman's causal explanation of inertial forces as real, self-induced reaction forces is based on electrodynamic effects on the spinning charged ring model. According to this explanation, inertial mass is a derived concept and not a fundamental one. Because primary electrodynamic force laws determine inertial mass, force is necessarily a fundamental concept in physics.