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The John Chappell Memorial Lecture and Discussion

Jaroslav G. Klyushin
Year: 2008
From my point of view, the pressing questions include:
  1. Do you agree with Maxwell equations? What do they describe? Perhaps the direct force formulas by Gauss, Weber, Spencer et al, Grassman, Ampere, Wittaker are better in this or that aspect.
  2. Do Maxwell equetions describe interaction? If not does the Lorentz force formula do it OK? May we use one instead of the other? Your propositions?
  3. Why is the relativistic approach sometimes successful? Can we reach the same effects in another way? Does this other way predict anything in addition?
  4. Your opinion on the connections between electricity and gravity.
  5. The Gravifield has dimension of acceleration. In order to compare two different things, we must describe them with the help of the same language. What is the mechanical dimension of electricity?