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Calculation of So-Called General Relativistic Phenomena by Advancing Newton\'s Theory of Gravitation, Maintaining Classical Conceptions of Space and Relativity

Reiner Georg Ziefle
Year: 2003 Pages: 10
Keywords: perihelion, Mercury, relativity, GRT, pulsar, PSR 1913+16, gravitation, Paul Gerber, Newton, Einstein

With the example of the motion of  Mercury around the sun it is shown, how Newton\'s Theory of Gravitation should be advanced by taking into consideration the finite velocity of gravitational expansion and the present concept of transference of forces by particles to be able to calculate so-called general relativistic phenomena, as the additional motion of Mercury\'s perihelion, the curvation of a light beam at the surface of the sun and the phenomena observed at the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16, maintaining classical conceptions of an Euklidean space and the Galileian principle of relativity.