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Quantumlike Chaos in the Frequency Distributions of Bases A, C, G, T in Human Chromosome1 DNA

A. Mary Selvam
Year: 2004 Pages: 6
Keywords: self-organized criticality in human DNA base sequence, long-range correlations, general systems theory in biology, fractal, chaos
Recent studies of DNA sequence of letters A, C, G and T exhibit the inverse power law form frequency spectrum. Inverse power-law form of the power spectra of fractal spacetime fluctuations is generic to the dynamical systems in nature and is identified as self-organized criticality. In this study it is shown that the power spectra of the frequency distributions of bases A, C, G, T in the Human chromosome 1 DNA exhibit self-organized criticality. DNA is a quasicrystal possessing maximum packing efficiency in a hierarchy of spirals or loops. Self-organized criticality implies that non-coding introns may not be redundant, but serve to organize the effective functioning of the coding exons in the DNA molecule as a complete unit.