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Ten Assumptions of Science and the Demise of Cosmogony

Glenn Borchardt
Year: 2004 Pages: 4
Keywords: materialism, causality, uncertainty, inseparability, conservation, complementarity, irreversibility, infinity, relativism, interconnection
The absurdities in current physics and cosmology are founded on indeterministic presuppositions uncovered in this review. Once subconsciously held presuppositions are stated, they become assumptions, objects amenable to study. Each indeterministic assumption has its deterministic opposite. To obtain a logically coherent set of fundamental assumptions, one must include generalized infinity, which is resisted vehemently by the present culture. Nonetheless, the ten deterministic assumptions are:
  1. MATERIALISM: The external world exists after the observer does not.
  2. CAUSALITY: All effects have an infinite number of material causes.
  3. UNCERTAINTY: It is impossible to know everything about anything, but it is possible to know more about anything.
  4. INSEPARABILITY: Just as there is no motion without matter, so there is no matter without motion.
  5. CONSERVATION: Matter and the motion of matter neither can be created nor destroyed.
  6. COMPLEMENTARITY: All things are subject to divergence and convergence from other things.
  7. IRREVERSIBILITY: All processes are irreversible.
  8. INFINITY: The universe is infinite, both in the microcosmic and macrocosmic directions.
  9. RELATIVISM: All things have characteristics that make them similar to all other things as well as characteristics that make them dissimilar to all other things.
  10. INTERCONNECTION: All things are interconnected, that is, between any two objects exist other objects that transmit matter and motion. Among the primary conclusions: time is motion, light is motion, the universe is Euclidean, there is a dynamic ether, gravitation is a push, and the "Big Bang Theory" must be replaced by the infinite universe theory.

This was initially published as an abstract in: Borchardt, Glenn, 2004, The ten assumptions of science and the demise of cosmogony [abs.], in Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division, Metropolitan State College of Denver and the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Sciences, 79th Annual Meeting of AAAS-SWARM, pp. 22-23.]