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An Analysis of Reality

Robert A. Kerr
Year: 2002 Pages: 4

Time is a sequence of relevant events which forms the path from the past to the present an leads to the future. Retracing the documented data which formed the temporal path allows us to consider the validity of our present position relative to our future goals. Reality is enforced by the material substance we encounter and determines the events which form the path we have taken.

Science is based on the quantitation of the reality of substance which ranges from the infinitesimal to the infinite. Our scientific pathway has been built on local substance. Substance is matter. Matter can be broken down into infinitesimal elements which exceed the capability of overtly discernible measurement. The limits of direct measurement are surmounted by the application of logical induction. The mandatory requisite for induction is that every effect has a cause consistent with an overtly developed baseline of physical mechanics.

Reality is achieved through conceptual understanding of the mechanics that account for the behavior and distribution of discernible substance. The Alchemists led the way with their breakdown of matter into earth, water, air and fire. Although they lacked the data and tools to refine their concept, it provided a fundamental basis for quantitating material substance. It recognized the three phases of matter and energy. Earth, water, air were the effects and fire was the cause. The subsequently developed and refined version of the Alchemist Concept is the Periodic Table of Elements.