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The Particle Model Circuit Theory with a Supporting Experiment

Bob de Hilster
Year: 2019 Pages: 4

The Particle Model is a physical model of the universe. That is, all areas of physics can be explained using physical interactions of particles. Gravity, light, magnetism, electrostatics, circuits, and even chemistry can all be explained using particles. In the case of a circuit, the battery uses chemical reactions to emit G1 particles (also known as electrons, but with no charge). The G1 particles move through the circuit at speed 'c'. The G1 particle either passes straight through, or hits an atom and scatters, or it gets trapped as a G1 orbital. Using this concept, this paper describes how the circuit works; predicts a specific result; and then uses a series of 15 three-resistor circuits to show that the measurements support the Particle Model with a 70 to 80 percent correlation.