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Notes on a Uniformitarian Hypothesis of the Microcosm

James Decandole
Year: 2019

The problem with mathematical theoretical physics is anthropocentrism. The mental activities of observation, recording, calculation, and manipulation are not relevant in the microcosm. An alternative method of natural philosophy is to neglect the human experience and describe the phenomena of nature from the point of view of the center of a fundamental particle. The smallest, simplest particle and form of motion, called an oscillon, is assumed here to be the sole constituent of space, matter, light, and neutrinos. The oscillon is visualized as a self-generating, self-measuring, and oscillating physical system of a point of tangency moving relative to a constant center point. The interactions of pairs of oscillons vary from complex to simple, according to the dimensionality of their relativity. When the spatial relations of interacting oscillons are three-dimensional, they form matter. When their relativity is two-dimensional, they form light. When they interact in one dimension, they form neutrinos.