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Extending Coulumbs's Law For Radtion And Gravation

Musa D. Abdullahi
Year: 2018 Pages: 3
Keywords: berration angle, acceleration, electric field, charge, mass, special relativity, velocity

The law enunciated by Frenchman, Charles Coulomb, in 1784, giving the force of attraction or repulsion between point charges, in space, is the most important principle in physics. However, this law is not complete as it does not express radiation from accelerated charged particles and does not account for the force of gravity between charged particles. This paper extends Coulomb's law by invoking aberration of electric field to incorporate a factor for radiation and by adding a term for gravitation, leading to a law applicable up to the speed of light, with emission of radiation and mass of a moving particle remaining constant, contrary to the theory of special relativity.