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Improving CNPS effectiveness through structured communication

Bruce Nappi
Year: 2016
Keywords: Structured dialog, communications, internet

The internet is well accepted as a great technical milestone in human communication. When a human being becomes a component of the communication system, information handling performance is limited by the ability of human brains to manage the information. Modern science requires humans to analyze extremely complex information. Human brains have good capabilities to do that in quiet, undisturbed environments. Evolved basic human language skills, however, are adapted for person to person dialog and single person oration. It is not surprising, that the internet has captured these styles in formats like email, post and commentary, articles, blogs, and discussion groups. These basic skills, however, are poor when faced with communicating complex issues that require deep logical reasoning and exploration of novel hidden meanings. This presentation explores some recently introduced discussion tools that structure discussions to address the shortcomings in existing internet formats.