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The Trouble with Modern Physics and the Solution Based on Logic and Metatheory

Charles William Lucas
Year: 2016

Modern physics has many problems with infinities, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, too many adjustable parameters, and logical inconsistencies. Since modern science poses as an authority more sure than the world's major religions, it seems appropriate to evaluate the truth of modern physics from the perspective of logic and metatheory. Logic reveals that the postulates or axioms of modern physics are based on assumptions known by experiment to be false. These assumptions lead to conclusions that are in disagreement with common sense.  Metatheory (the theory of theories based on logic) gives logical arguments that all the current major theories of modern physics are incomplete and incompatible with each other. From metatheory the simplest solution that completes modern science and removes the incompatibilities in modern science is to properly complete electrodynamics such that the theories of Maxwell's electrodynamics, the Copenhagen version of quantum mechanics, Einstein's special and general relativity theories, and the standard model of elementary particles are replaced by a single more comprehensive version of electrodynamics.