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The Theory of Reality

Steve Mulford
Year: 2016 Pages: 12

By standing on the shoulders of giants: Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Hubble, and Arp, this paper not only rejects the Big Bang and Einstein's Relativity, but also creates a logical replacement, which is easier to compute and non-metaphysical. Using a new energy-mass equivalence formula to demonstrate examples at CERN, with muons, and more. Time Dilation is only a visual effect. This paper also solves the Theory of Everything, as gravity is simply an illusion. Expansion and electro-magnetism create these effects that feel like gravity. All matter expands, when their nuclei spin. Heat is this enlargement of an atom. A new way to synchronize up GPS satellites. Plasma currents flow through the entire universe. New black holes that have no singularities, as they are a phenomena of extreme charge, and weaken over time. The Black Hole is renamed to Galaxian Magnitizer or Gmag for short. Analyzing gamma ray bursts of the types of Long-Soft and Short-Hard. The 1919 Gravitational Lensing experiment was a hoax. Red shifting is due to Recessional Velocity, the Youth Factor, and age of light. Thus, the universe does not need to expand and Dark Energy is unnecessary. Quantum Effects are due to electrostatics. Experiments that can prove it all.