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The Correct Derivation of Kepler’s Third Law for Circular Orbits Reveals a Fatal Flaw in General Relativity Theory

Jerry Hynecek
Year: 2015 Pages: 4
Keywords: Lagrange formalism, Kepler’s third law, relativistic Kepler’s third law, Schwarzschild metric, metric derived in the Metric theory of gravity, errors in the General Relativity Theory

In this paper the Kepler’s third law is derived for circular orbits using the two different metrics. The resulting formulas are compared with the formula for the Kepler’s third law derived from the Newtonian physics. The derivation is using the Lagrange formalism, but comments are made on error in derivation that has appeared in previous publication. It is found that the Kepler’s third law derived using the Schwarzschild metric results in an identical formula obtained from the Newtonian physics of a flat spacetime geometry. This clearly illustrates a problem for the Schwarzschild metric and consequently for the General Relativity Theory.