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The Faraday Induction Law and Field Transformations in Special Relativity

Alexander L. Kholmetskii
Year: 2003 Pages: 6
Keywords: Faraday induction law, transformation of electromagnetic field, successive Lorentz transformations
The non-invariance of the Faraday induction law, revealed in [1] through calculation of an e.m.f. along a mathematical line, is further analyzed for integration over a conducting closed circuit. The principal difference of a conductor from a mathematical line is the appearance of internal electromagnetic fields induced by rearranged conduction electrons. In our analysis we distinguish two general cases: 1- the internal electromagnetic fields from the conduction electrons contribute an induced e.m.f.; 2 - the internal fields do not give such a contribution. Case 2 makes a conducting circuit similar to a mathematical line, where the Faraday law is always correct, while the Einstein relativity principle is violated. However, in such a case the violation of special relativity occurs not for a hypothetical model problem, but in physical reality.