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Flowing view 2

Paul Schroeder
Year: 2014

Key cosmology issues

   Infinity ?    of space; of size; of time

   Contents of universe ? gravity; light/EM radiation; 3 dimensions; flowing


   Transference from one center to another changes everything.  Tycho Brahe ? earth

                       center; Kepler/Newton ? sun center (solar system); External Gravity-

                       relates all to space rather than all to a mass body as per Tom VanFlandern

   Intersecting radiation ? non-interference; star beam to us intersected by light from all

                        other stars; radiation penetrates matter

   Perspectives ? revolution and rotation; newborn sees motions vs turning her head;

                        Copernicus motions and rotations

   Curvature ? source ? rotation varies space everywhere; no fixed math; relativity=time

                         adj, gravity wells and fixed C; astrophysics deals with curvature

                          plotting patched conic orbits, cosmology has avoided variable curvature

                         caused by all relevant rotations.

   Interactions ? of light and gravity incl. redshift; of all Em radiations; centric force of

                        gravity vs remote sourced light.  Seeking common equilibrium of both. 

   Aberration ? rotation; C vs 2M/sec, C vs 30 M/sec; linear vs rotational motion

   Flatness - re earth= 2 dimensions = invalid;  flat space= 3 dimensions=valid= our visual

                       structure; Cosmos  avoids flat space comparison vs big bang

   Simplicity ? External Gravitation is an easier perspective. Then education teaches us

                      complex physics theories; System is more thorough via different

                      perspective. All calculations are re local relationships.

                       Reality with logic rather than speculative new concepts. Directional logic

                      of flow negates value of math analysis, devaluing mainstream technical

                      science. If only clearing up many confusing ideas throughout physics was

                      as desirable as devising a new math formula.