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The Twin Paradox in Special Relativity and in Lorentz Ether Theory

Alexander L. Kholmetskii
Year: 2003 Pages: 6
Keywords: twin paradox, special theory of relativity, Lorentz
The present paper analyses the twin paradox as presented by Van Flandern [1] and confirms the results obtained by standard relativistic calculations. A variety of the twin paradox with symmetrical causal chains of events is considered, where the motional trajectories of two twins can be realized with some probability. It seems that such a probabilistic presentation of the twin paradox destroys a conception about equivalence of all inertial observers in SRT. The twin problem has been considered within Lorentz ether theory (LET). For better understanding of the observations of both twins, a mathematical apparatus of LET has been developed. It has been proved that LET postulates represent a direct consequence of the Galilean transformations in physical space-time under limited speed of light.