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The Theory of Reality

Steve Mulford
Year: 2014
Modern scientists regard Eistein's beliefs too highly to think outside the box.  One must not blindfold oneself to the truth.  The universe is only three-dimensional, as we can only move forward and back, up and down, and side to side.  Man cannot move through time.  Physicists knew this centuries ago, but new generations lost the essence of science and the scientific method.  Time is just one of the constants of physics, as well as space and mass.  Einstein was wrong in his belief of the invariance of light, thus in order to make his data accurate, he had to alter these constants of physics via the Lorentz Transformations.  This paper strives to keep physics intuition based by keeping these constants constant.  Then, goes on to do all the things Einstein's Relativity did, but in a concrete and non-metaphysical way.  First, an energy equation that allows mass and energy to interchange only when particles are being created.  Gravity is not a force of its own, but the expansion of matter and elecromagnetic attraction and repulsion.  Atomic clocks slow down mechanically, synchronizing GPS satelittes.  The Classical Death Spiral, heat, and tectonics are expained by the expansion of matter.  A black hole is positive and thus electromagnetically attracts in the solar systems, which are negative.  Dark Matter and Energy are unessecary.  Black holes neutralize into pulsars.  The red shift youth factor is a matter of expansion of matter.  And last, gravitational lensing is a hoax entirely.