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A revision of the principle of relativity

Zbigniew Modrzejewski
Year: 2013 Pages: 5
Keywords: Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity, Principle of Relativity, Thought Experiments, Time Dilation Effect, Inertial Frames of Reference, Detection of Movement
Prof. Janusz Drozdzynski: "In this paper, "A revision of the principle of relativity", some questions connected with the time dilation effect are discussed. A thought experiment is presented in which it has been proven that on the basis of the trajectory of a laser pulse in a moving frame of reference (spaceship) with a constant velocity, it is possible to determine the direction of movement and speed of the system with respect to the velocity of light. It has also been shown how this statement could be experimentally confirmed. We conclude that Einstein's principle of relativity needs a revision."  ( Paper's English language version: www.zbigniew-modrzejewski.webs.com/PE01051209EPep.docx )