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The Growing Earth

David Scott De Hilster
Year: 2008 Pages: 24
Keywords: expanding earth, GPS, pangaea
It is quite obvious to most casual observers that South America and Africa were at one time joined. But it is quite unknown to al-most all that Asia, Australia and the Americas also were at one time joined. This evidence leads to only one conclusion: 200 million years ago, the earth's continents were all together on a much smaller orb and since then, the earth has been growing significantly. There is strong visual evidence that other bodies in the universe are also growing including other planets and moons. Although there currently is no one accepted mechanism that causes this growth, there are a number of scientists proposing mechanisms although it will probably take some time for these to be confirmed experimentally. In the mean time, evidence is mounting that the earth has grown including in the areas of geology, paleontology, flora and fauna fossil records, GPS, and simple physics that clearly show that the earth's diameter and mass have been increasing and continues to do. This evidence points to the most important question in science today: what is the mechanism that causes this growth? Although not covered in this paper, this mechanism must necessarily span the subatomic to the macro structures such as galaxies and everything in between.