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Radio Waves - Part II

Ionel Dinu
Year: 2013 Pages: 45
Keywords: aether; aether wakes; light wave; magnetic wave; antenna theory
In Part I of this series on Radio Waves, I have tried to show that Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic waves is untenable because electric fields cannot exist in vacuum where there are no electric charges to produce them and because experiments have yet to prove that electric fields can be produced in vacuum by changing magnetic fields. My aim was to show that a new theory of radio waves is needed since that based on Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic waves claiming that a radio wave travelling in vacuum consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields mutually inducing one another is not supported by experiments, being based on assumptions and mathematical manipulations. Comments received from interested readers prompted me to offer further arguments against Maxwell's theory and this led to an extended version of the same paper titled ?Trouble with Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory: Can Fields Induce Other Fields in Vacuum??. In this article I return to my original aim when I began this series on Radio Waves and I will try to show what I think radio waves really are and how are they produced in an antenna.