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Universal Fractal Flow: PLASMA to plasma

Natalie Nagel
Year: 2013
Keywords: Plasma, Water, Living Systems, Quantum Coherence, Fractals

Eight patterns, such as spiraling and branching, are repeated, scaled up and down, from spiral galaxies to jellyfish, and from electrical discharges on Mars to dendrites in the brain.  99% of the known universe is plasma.  99% of the molecules in the human body is H2O.  Electron flow, from the non-living to the living, from light-year distances to cellular distances, self-organizes, self-sustains and self-corrects. This data-based Universal Fractal Flow model unifies Talbott and Thornhill's Electric Universe and Ho's Quantum Coherence with the electric universe in you.  Electromagnetism is a thousand, billion, billion, billion, billion times greater than gravity. This is the power that living systems, including the human body, uses to self-heal.