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The Relativistic Space-Time Perspective

David G. Taylor
Year: 2013 Pages: 12
Keywords: Perspective, Physical Values, Relativistic Distortion, distorted Velocity, parallel relativistic equations, Time, Mass, Length, equation confirmation table
This paper formulates additional Relativistic equations.  They do not contradict Special Relativity.  They examine the deductions of Dr. Einstein from a relativistically distorted perspective.  It reasons that the REAL||non-Relativistic velocity value can be distorted just as the Length|Time|Mass values are.  The equations examine the both the true/Real (not Special Relativistically Distorted||noSRD) Velocity of an object and use it to determine the distorted (Special Relativistically Distorted||SRD) Velocity for the same object.  It also derives opposite equations that calculate the noSRD velocity [VelocitynoSRD] from the SRD velocity [VelocitySRD]. 
A Relativistically distorted observation point would not perceive local actions moving more slowly.  Rather everything outside moving faster.  Fewer seconds for a Relativistic Perspective that has distortion means the perspective equations have a different relation.  They calculate the higher Velocity perceived from a distorted viewpoint.
Two example equations show the relation of two points of view.  The independent variables have no Relativistic deformation |VelocitynoSRD|; dependent variable would be the value||velocity reasoned to be observed because of the Relativistic deformation |VelocitySRD|. 
VelocitySRD = VelocitynoSRD/(1 - VelocitynoSRD 2/c2)½
Less Time will go by when there is a relativistic deformation, so Velocity will appear distorted just as Length/Time/Mass are.  The inverse relation would be where the independent variable is observed Velocity from the Relativistic or distorted view |VelocitySRD|.  The dependent variable would then be True/non-Relativistic/non-distorted Velocity |VelocitynoSRD|.  The parallel equation for that Relativistic Perspective:  
VelocitynoSRD= VelocitySRD /(1 + VelocitySRD 2/c2)½
This relationship allows the additional development of 8 formula/equations for Velocity, Mass, Time, and Linear deformation.  These equations are all of the two Perspectives.  
The equations developed in this paper are an absolute advance, but are more “housekeeping” advances than significant ones.  Though they do lead to parallel equations in General Relativity that will have considerable Cosmological significance in a later submission.