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Corrections to 'Energy Theory of Matter & Cosmology' and 'Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living & Living Things'

Mohammad Shafiq Khan
Year: 2013 Pages: 25
Consequent upon showing the fallacy of the adopted paradigm of physics an alternative paradigm of physics emerges. These articles are concerned with the basic model of physics under the alternative paradigm of physics according to which space is finite, absolute & filled up with ether, the electric dipoles on the base substance which has been named as ?energy? unlike the meaning as applies in the adopted main-stream physics; time is emergent & relative, depending upon the motion of the object/observer with respect to the absolute reference frame of ether at rest, matter is emergent from different electric dipoles with base substance of ?energy? and light/radiation is the vibrations of the charge on the electric dipoles of ether which propagates in the medium of ether in the form of longitudinal wave motion. During the process of development of the alternative model of physics changes in the basic model of physics proposed under these two articles had to be incorporated. Besides there were some errors in the printed version of these two articles which are corrected herein for record.