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Gravitation as the result of the reintegration of migrated electrons and positrons to their atomic nuclei.

Osvaldo Domann
Year: 2013 Pages: 6
Keywords: Gravitation, Dark matter, Unified field theory.


This paper presents the mechanism of gravitation based on an approach where the energy of an electron or positron is radially distributed in space. The energy is stored in fundamental particles (FPs) that move radially and continuously through a focal point in space, point where classically the whole energy of a subatomic particle is thought to be concentrated. FPs store the energy in longitudinal and transversal rotations defining corresponding angular momenta. Forces between subatomic particles are the product of the interactions of their FPs. The laws of interactions between fundamental particles are postulated in that way, that the linear momenta for all the basic laws of physics can subsequently be derived from them, linear momenta that are generated out of opposed pairs of angular momenta of fundamental particles.