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Unified Fluid Based Theory of Physics

Tom Lang
Year: 2013 Pages: 4
Keywords: unified theory, theory of physics, gravity, electromagnetic theory, quantum theory

A refreshingly new theory of physics is presented that provides a physical understanding of all basic phenomena in physics. This theory solves the major mysteries in current physics. Space, time, gravity, photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics are explained in every-day terms.

A century of increasingly complex math-based theory is replaced by this surprisingly simple new theory. Nearly every assumption made by Einstein is reversed. Conservation laws apply. Space returns to three fixed dimensions. Space is filled with a spatial fluid that follows standard fluid theory. Time is normal, but speeds up slightly with altitude in agreement with GPS results. Space does not warp with time. The speed of light varies. Mass, length, and time do not change with speed. Quantum theory is not based on probability. The Big Bang is questioned.

This new theory is remarkably different from the ether theory of the 1800s, Einstein’s Relativity, quantum mechanics, the Standard Theory, and string theories. The goal of this theory is to provide a far better physical understanding of physics and the world around us.