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Gravitation As The Result Of The Reintegration Of Migrated Electrons And Positrons To Their Atomic Nuclei

Osvaldo Domann
Year: 2013 Pages: 5

This paper presents the mechanism of gravitation based on an approach where the energy of an electron or positron is radially distributed in space from a focal point to infinite. The energy is stored in fundamental particles (FPs) that move continuously through the focal point in space, point where classically the energy of a subatomic particle is thought to be concentrated. Electrons and positrons that have migrated slowly out of the core of their nuclei are reintegrated with high speed generating a field that is responsible for two components of the gravitation force, according if the reintegration is parallel to the distance between the gravitating bodies or perpendicular. For sub-galactic distances the component that is inverse proportional to the square distance predominates, while for galactic distances the component that is inverse proportional to the distance is predominant explaining the flattening of the velocity curve of galaxies without the need of black matter.