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Interpreting Why Triple-Adjusted Planck Unit Observable Fundamental Properties Are Simple Powers Of ?(2?c/?)

Michael Jefferson Lawrence
Year: 2013 Pages: 5
Keywords: Gravitational constant; Planck constant; Planck units; SI units; Dimensionality; Parameters; unification.

This paper follows on from earlier papers which eliminated four important constants of nature, Planck’s constant h, the Gravitational constant , Permeability and Boltsmann’s constant by showing, after adjusting misaligned S.I. units, that they are only dimensionless ratios. Shown here is the interpretation of what it means that the relative values in any units of all of the observable set of TAPU parameters can be described simply as powers of the ratio theta = sqrt(2 Pi c/a), where c is the speed of light and a the fine structure constant.