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MNR Unexplainable by Quantum Theory

Johann Marinsek
Year: 2000
Keywords: Quantum Theory
No empirical evidence for nuclear spin. Magnetic coupling is the bonding agent of molecules. Molecules possess magnetic resonance frequencies. A molecule is an electromagnetic oscillator with many degrees of freedom. When atoms or molecules are placed in a static magnetic field, the atomic magnets (N-S dipoles) experience a torque, which aligns their magnetic poles with the external field vector. The oriented atoms are now irradiated with electromagnetic radiation. If this radiation has the eigenfrequencies of the atomic or molecular oscillator, resonance occurs. What we measure are only resonant frequencies. Quantum physicists claim that the resonant frequency is identical with the frequency of an alleged magnetic moments precession of a nucleon. The cause of the magnetic moment is the spin of the charged nucleon. But the measured resonant frequencies do not imply the existence of spinning nucleons! The precessing proton ? a myth. The alleged spin-spin coupling. Nuclear precession and spin flip. BrCH2CH3CH2OD case study refutes spin-spin coupling model. "Decoupling" does not occur.