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Are Peer Reviewers the Guardians of Truth?

Zbigniew Oziewicz
Year: 2013 Pages: 4
Keywords: philosophy of science, rival theories of relativity, history of rel- ativity theory, reciprocity of velocity, relativity groupoid as a category

Science is a collection of alternative ideas, and as such must not be based on voting in which there is only one winner. Alternative subjective views and subjective personal ideas must not be considered as a temporary preparatory situation for the nal showdown that will eliminate `incorrect' opinions (by some omnipotent judge refutation-falsi cation-disprove experiment) and lead to universal agreement and consensus on the only-one true idea. In this understanding, science must never be objective, and must persist forever to be a bundle of subjective ideas in which everybody has a right to be right. Objective science is dead science. However, the current academic world embrace only one right vision of science and does not allow for alternatives theories. This parochial attachment to a singular and monolithic vision of science is harmful to science and must be jettisoned.