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Physics M: Elementary Permanent-Ring Magnet Atomic Model

Johann Marinsek
Year: 2000
Keywords: Permanent-Ring Magnet ,Atomic Model
The nuclear atomic model with extra nuclear electrons or standing waves is untenable. Atoms as magnetically coupled oscillators. Stern, Gerlach, Rabi and others detected the magnetic properties of the atoms. This suggested one conjecture, namely that the atoms are made up of tiny magnets. The ring magnets are not solenoids but elementary permanent ring magnets. It is assumed that hydrogen is made up of four permanent elementary ring magnets. I assume that hydrogen exists in two varieties, namely ortho-H and para-H. Both varieties have many degrees of freedom and therefore many vibration modes with the corresponding eigenfrequencies. Hydrogen is the building block of all elements. The formation of elements is due to magnetic coupling. Helium for example consists of 4 hydrogen atoms. The neutron is a decaying hydrogen atom in fission processes.