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Physics K: Quantum Mechanics Cannot Explain Intensities of Hydrogen Spectra

Johann Marinsek
Year: 2000
Also different intensities of adjacent lines show that E = hf is not a natural law. Consider the wavelengths of hydrogen radiation. For the familiar two red lines the splitting is about 0.016 nm. According to quantum physics the lines have a corresponding minute energy difference of only 0.000045 eV because energy is allegedly E = hf. If this were the case, the relative intensity difference of 50% for the two red lines is not explicable. Remember that in terms of quantum theory the intensity of a line means the number of photon shots and that all photons assigned to a line have the same energy. So, when the brighter hydrogen red line is caused by 50% more photon shots than the less bright one, there is only one explanation for this difference: When the 2 spin states (spin up or spin down) of the orbiting electron occur in a ratio of 1 : 1.5 then the ratio of the produced photons with the energy difference of 0,00045 eV is the same. For this quantum behaviour QM offers no explanation. Therefore, in terms of QM the different brightness of adjacent lines is not explicable!