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Additional Calculations on the Repulsive Forces within Ampère’s Bridge

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2020 Pages: 4
Keywords: Electromagnetic radiation, Coulomb\'s Law, Induction Law, Ampere\'s Law, Li?nard-Wiechert Potentials

This paper contains supplementary calculations involving a set of Ampère’s Bridge, In an earlier paper only the main contribution was calculated [1]. The small contributions were deliberately omitted. However, for reasons of completeness, the minor contributions are here calculated. The basic principles for calculating the electromagnetic force between the two parts of Ampere´s Bridge are Coulomb’s Law, an adequate definition of the propagation delay of electromagnetic fields and an appropriate usage of the Special Relativity Theory. The theoretical basis for this has already been laid in the preceding papers on Ampère´s Bridge.

If  you want to read the whole paper, please contact the author, E-mail joj8088@bahnhof.se

  • [1] 2015 PR The Repulsive Force Within Ampère’s Bridge Explained by Coulomb’s Law and Special Relativity Theory, Taking into Account the Effects of Propagation Delay, Journal of Basic and Applied Physics, Vol. 4 No. 3, PP. 29-39, DOI: 10.5963/JBAP0403002, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281303991