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Relativity and the Electrodynamics on the Phenomena of Matter and Energy through Scale (GPRA:REPMES)

Robert L. DeMelo
Year: 2012
Keywords: Fractal, Scale, Cosmology, Quantum Medium
This work is a heuristic and stochastic examination of a deterministic and dynamical fractal scale-invariant framework on quantum and macroscopic cosmology detailing an intrinsic self-similar correlation to the geometry and material structure fundamentally constituting those systems. This work presents a collection of empirical results, mathematical and through computer simulation, on a form of fractal scale cosmology dependent on velocity describing the phenomena of matter, inertial mass and energy through interaction with a permeating spatial quantum medium constituted of sub-quantum particles, and subsequently constituted of smaller discretely scaled self-similar mediums and particles, by scale factors of S, while explicitly employing the principle of relativity. The evidence presented here directly relate quantum, atomic and cosmological objects and systems together with high mathematical precision. It explains weak force interaction, details an explicit fractal scale variation on the Higgs mechanism and field, and further explains all fundamental forces, all through the employment of a unique and explicitly defined scale projection of cosmological systems and dynamics on atomic and quantum systems. It also derives the value of 43.6 (+/-0.4147) arc-seconds/century for the perihelion precession of Mercury through computer simulation, employing the derived mathematical scaling transformations of this framework, giving a viable extension to classical gravity theory. The process and evidence presented in this book requires a temporary suspension from traditional thinking for the sake of scientific exploration. It concludes that contemporary physical theories are indeed correct, but limited in fractal topology and of the mechanisms constituting measurable physical phenomena. They are concluded to be a subset of a much larger framework of the fractal scale cosmology described in this book. This book is offered as an aid to further exploration in fractal scale cosmology.