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Physics A: Refutation of Rest Energy E=mc2

Johann Marinsek
Year: 2008
Empiricists can be impressed only by experimental outcomes that counter the predictions of a formula. This is done here for fission of U-235:

U-235 + n ?? Ce-140 + Zr-94 + 2n + Q (208 MeV calculated)

Because the atomic sub particles p, e, n are not converted into energy, the binding energy of the daughter elements and the energy released (Q) can be only due to the binding energy of the parent element! The energy imbalance is obvious:

1784 MeV ?? 1173 MeV + 815 MeV + 208 MeV

The formula E = gmc2 for binding energy is based on the mass/energy conversion formula E = mc2 that relates energy to inert rest mass. Here it is shown that this relation is mistaken because applied to fission it violates the energy conservation bookkeeping rule!  This failure of the formula for rest energy is an indication that the derivation is