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Relation Between Black Hole and Supernova Actions

Arnold G. Gulko
Year: 2008 Pages: 11

Black holes are the most massive and most mysterious objects in the cosmos, and this writer considers them of great importance to the existence and character of the cosmos. Supernovas are the most powerful explosive releases of energy near us and are now considered to be the only observable event which might form a black hole.  Despite the fact that black holes are formed by supernovas, astrophysics ignores the possibility that the actions of black holes and the supernova event might involve the same mechanism.

To consider the respective actions, we must establish the structure of a black hole, for we cannot consider how a black hole functions without understanding the structure of the hole.  We must also consider the action of black holes in ejecting polar jets, for these jets and their formation is filled with mystery.  Then we must consider the supernova event, for it also contains much that is confused.  With these preliminaries in hand we must compare the formation and characteristics of the jets with the supernova event and its ejecta in order to ascertain the extent to which the two are the same or different.  Lastly, we shall explain the common mechanism of action which this writer believes accounts for both the supernova event and the jets of black holes.