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Generation of Electrical Power from Absolute Vacuum by High Speed Rotation of Conducting Magnetic Cylinder

Paramahamsa Tewari
Year: 1986
Recent experiments performed for generation of electric power through a machine operating on new basic principles have shown that an output power greater than input can be generated. It is shown in this paper that the origin of additional power is from absolute vacuum which can be rotated to produce electric charge. The computation of energy in the rotating vacuum has been done with the use of new fundamental relationships on electron's charge and electron's rest-mass derived from electron structure in author's works that discuss dynamics of vacuum and show interrelationships of space (absolute vacuum), energy and electron.

(Editor's note... The following patent application is for an "over-unity" electrical generation device. The patent applicant acknowledges the work of Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn, of the ACME Energy Company in San Rafael California, On a "Closed Path Homopolar Machine, " and the critique of that work by Bruce DePalma, of Santa Barbara, California. MAGNETS will feature the Trombly-Kahn work and critique in a later issue. At this time we believe the math represented in Paramahamsa Tewari's patent application speaks for itself, to those lObo understand math, and we are simply reprinting the application data for our reader's benefit.)