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Refuting the Over-Unity Claim of the Multiple Moving Magnets Experiment

Barry Springer
Year: 2012 Pages: 2
Keywords: Cook experiment, multiple moving magnets, over-unity
A report of an experimental apparatus was recently presented by Jeffrey Cook, which consisted of an electrically driven inductor and five reversible DC motors, functioning as DC electrical generators, which were linked to ring magnets suspended above the inductor and positioned on axles at 90 orientation from a radial of the inductor. The report included a coefficient of performance calculation and reported that with certain input signal parameters, the experimental device produced significantly greater output power than was input, thereby claiming over-unity performance. An analysis of the method of measurement of input power to the drive coil, which affects the calculation of the coefficient of performance, is found to have failed to include all sources of input energy, thereby refuting the claim of over-unity performance.