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Electron in the Ground Energy State ? Part 1

David L. Bergman
Dennis P. Allen
Year: 2012 Pages: 16
The structure and internal motions of ground-state electrons are obtained from a physical Spinning Charged Ring (SCR) model. This new electrodynamical model accurately yields the fundamental and structural properties of the electron, including the exact distribution of charge density inside the ring. Equilibrium of charge distributed throughout the ring interior is a result of electromagnetic self-forces that control the structure and internal motions of charge. The model yields the electron rest-mass energy and the electron-positron annihilation energy with energies 510,999 electron-Volts. The model also yields the actual, non-anomalous radius and non-anomalous magnetic moment of the electron. The model predicts the gyromagnetic ratio of a free electron. A current issue in physics is resolved ? how ?potential energy internal to a particle system come[s] into the picture? ? by treating the electron as a system of potential energies and real mass-energies.