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Towards a Classical Explanation to the Stable Electron Paths around Nuclei and to Radiation in Connection with the De-Excitation of Excited Electrons

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2004
Keywords: classical theory, photons, emission of light, stable electron orbits, Coulomb's law, no magnetic field
It is usually claimed within physics that a continuously orbiting electron must give rise to radiation, and, hence the classical model of a planet-like electron must be accordingly abandoned in favor of Quantum theory. Nothing bad shall be said about Quantum theory, but the classical model of the orbiting electron may still be useful, provided no energy is being consumed during its revolution around the positively charged nucleus. In case of circular motion at constant speed, it has to be recalled from mechanics that the acceleration vector is directed radially outwards from the center of mass, thus being perpendicular to the velocity vector of  the electron, and, hence no work is being done upon it, and it remains orbiting eternally in its circular path. This proof is apparently consistent with the assumption that an orbiting electron does not radiate while remaining in a stable, circular path around a positive nucleus.