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Logic of 'Push Gravity' (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER')

Nainan K. Varghese
Year: 2012 Pages: 7
Keywords: Gravitation, gravitational attraction, universal medium, push gravity
An all-encompassing universal medium, made of ?real? matter particles, fills entire space outside ?basic 3D matter particles?. It is homogeneous, isotropic and self-stabilizing multiple-entity. Because of its inherent compression, it squeezes all ?basic 3D matter particles? by direct contact. This all-around push action on 3D matter by universal medium is ?gravitation?. Strength of gravitation is proportional to the extent of universal medium, away from the point of action. Extent of universal medium on outer sides of two basic 3D matter particles is always more (with correspondingly higher gravitation) than the extent of universal medium in between them (with correspondingly lower gravitation). Greater pushes from outer sides and lower pushes from in between, compel basic 3D matter particles to move towards each other. Cause of this motion appears as ?attraction? between the basic 3D matter particles. This phenomenon is interpreted as ?gravitational attraction? between them. ?Gravitational attraction? is a minor by-product of separate gravitational push-actions on each of the basic 3D matter particles. Magnitude of gravitational attraction between two macro bodies is the resultant of gravitational attractions between their constituent basic 3D matter particles. It is the differences in extents of universal medium on either side of constituent basic 3D matter particles that produce gravitational attraction between two macro bodies, rather than shadow-effects on each other.
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