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Presentation of the 2011 Sagnac Award to Halton C. Arp

Peter Marquardt
Halton C. Arp
Year: 2011 Pages: 27
We have gathered here at the occasion of the presentation of the 2011 Sagnac Award to Halton ?Chip? Arp.

This reward is particularly close to Chip's heart because, while the other prizes recognize results or new ideas or new observations, the Sagnac Award recognizes and honors Freedom and Courage. Indeed, for Chip, a strong sense of freedom was required. Freedom to undertake new types of observations, critically examine current dogma, challenge common thinking, not giving in to the scientific social pressure.

This is, I imagine, one aspect of the freedom that the new Bundespraesident , Mr. Joachim Gauck, would like to see spreading widely throughout the society.

I would like to end by quoting the 6th paragraph of the preamble of the Swiss Constitution : Free is only the one who uses his freedom.