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Some Experiments That Apparently Counterindicate Coulomb's Law

Harold W. Milnes
Year: 1991 Pages: 4
Keywords: Coulomb's law, Du Fay's two?]charge doctrine, experimental counterdemonstration of Du Fay's two?]charge doctrine
A series of experiments is reported that apparently contradicts Coulomb's law, the two?]fluid doctrine of electrical charges, and Du Fay's dictum that ?glike?h and ?gunlike?h charges, respectively, repel and attract one another. A simple yet highly sensitive apparatus is described, by means of which the experiments have been performed. With it, single charges are put into motion; pairs of charges are exhibited, one of which remains stationary, while the second moves towards or away from the first; and a pair of charged bodies has been shown for which one is attracted to the other, while the other is repelled from the first. None of these effects are included under the aforementioned hypotheses, fundamental to classical electromagnetism.