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Cold Winter after Progress in Cold Fusion

Stoyan Sarg
Year: 2012
Keywords: cold fusion, stagnation in contemporary science, scientific bureaucracy

After the optimism from recent progress in cold fusion, as demonstrated in Italy, Nature surprised us with a severe cold winter in some parts of the world. However, we should not blame climate change for the human suffering when the solution to the problem is in the hands of our civilization.

The expectation that the 21st century will bring improved welfare for humanity seems to be an illusion. We are experiencing global crises in different areas such as economics, politics, ideology, natural resources, and the environment. Is there a fundamental reason for the crises and, if yes, what could be the solution? One serious problem today is the mismanagement of our resources?natural, economic, and scientific. The shortsighted view of policy makers is correlated with stagnation in contemporary science. While the science of today is highly dependent on government funding, irresponsible decision makers have made it a servant of dominant groups with common interests. As a result, not only the media and policy makers but also many honest scientists are misinformed. To be more specific, the blame is on the scientific establishments with their bureaucratic style of management. How has this happened?