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A Conjectural Preon Theory and its Implications

Rupert Gerritsen
Year: 2012 Pages: 21
Keywords: Preons, Neutrinos, Gravity, Time, Dimensionality, Mass, Big Bang, Electromagnetism
A Conjectural Preon Theory and its Implications begins with some key assumptions, that there is only one type of neutrino and that neutrinos form bound state composite particles to create the known loss mass fermions and bosons, which then form mesons and nucleons. Each particle is assigned a neutrino number and mathematical relations between these is explored. A quanta of mass is identified at around 70 MeV with variants according to spin and charge. A formula for deriving the mass of particles is then developed from this and applied, with good approximations (< 1%) achieved for the mass of known particles. The theory proposes that gravity arises from resonance of the neutrino bonds with the neutrino itself being the graviton. It further suggests the origin of time and dimensionality arises because of the neutrino bonds and changes in these in respect to each other, registering as changes in energy states communicated by photons. It suggests that photons are affected by gravity and that gravitational time dilation arises because of this, in effect the speed of light is affected by gravitational fields. The theory posits an explanation for the origin of electomagnestism, as constructive intereference in the electron as a bound state fermion-boson coupling. Furthermore the theory provides an explanation for the origin of mass and the mass-energy relationship. Finally it speculates on possible implications for the Big Bang and some other phenomena.