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Detecting Gyroscopic Thrust

Herman Holushko
Year: 2012 Pages: 5
This paper describes a simple experiment on detecting gyroscopic thrust demonstrated by Prof. Eric Laithwaite in 1974. In this experiment the gyroscope suspended on the line by one end of its rotation axis was deflecting from the pivot point during precession. In addition to the original setup the author has isolated the gyroscope from surrounding air and conducted a video recording of the experiment from two positions simultaneously. The recording of gyroscope position and orientation allowed author to determine the trajectory of the gyroscope and analyze deflection dependency on gyroscope orientation. The results of this analysis indicate the existence of the external force acting on the gyroscope and causing the increase or decrease in linear momentum. It is suggested that the force is a result of the difference in aether pressure in front and at the back of the gyroscope rotor.