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Conclusions from the Model of Euclidean Reality

Witold Nawrot
Year: 2012 Pages: 4
The new model of Euclidean Reality changes the picture of the true reality. The velocity is not a physical value but only an observed value. The time of travel is not a function of the velocity but it becomes a function of the trajectory. It is possible to accelerate the particle to the velocity interpreted as the velocity of light and it is probably possible to pass a certain distance in time shorter than the light. The recession of galaxies is the consequence of the manner of performing observation and not the real acceleration of galaxies. The Lorentz transformation is mathematically correct but it is non-physical. The separation of the idea of motion of bodies in relation to the reality from the idea of relative motion of bodies allows us to come back to the concept of Ether and to describe particles as waves. These and many other conclusions simplify the classical and Quantum mechanics and open many new ways of developing physics.